Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Sword by Da Chen

Title: Sword
Author: Da Chen
Genre: YA / Historical Fantasy
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: 2008
Pages: 232

Rating - 4 out of 10

On the morning of her birthday, Miu Miu's mother reveals some startling information. Miu Miu's father was killed by the evil emperor, and now it is her job to seek revenge. But wait. Girls aren't allowed to officially vow vengeance. You would think that Miu Miu could just set out on her quest without this "official vow" nonsense, but instead, she spends much time convincing her tiny, irrelevant village that she needs to defeat the emperor. After she is finally on her way, she is able to combat the emperor with her martial arts skills.
What a silly book. I love historical China, but I found the story to hold many pointless, irrelevant details, and go far too quickly, especially at the beginning. An unrealistic story with badly portrayed characters and events.
Not recommended.

End note - After reading this book, I read Da Chen's memoir Sounds of the River. I cannot understand the contrast between these two books, because his memoir is brilliant. Please, go and read that instead of this one.