About Me

My name is Jordan. I am a 23 year old reader, writer, and list-maker. I dream of one day founding a private university and library, but for now, I adopt lost books and love them.


My life has always been intricately entwined with both the reading of and the collecting of books. They take up a large portion of my life, a fact that I am quite happy with.

My goal with reading is to read a book per day. Sometimes I am successful at this, sometimes not. The thought of never reading this or that book before I die depresses me, and so I resolve to read as much as is humanly possible. Even if I am ridiculously busy, I make time for my reading, no matter what. I read while walking, while in taxis and on buses, with meals, but not while driving... anymore.

I live on the beach outside sunny Miami, where I never actually go to the beach but do spend time lamenting the lack of bookshops and intellectuals in the area. Anyone in rain-dusted Europe want to trade?
My house is a library, a rice factory, and an Arabic coffee/tea room. So I call it.

Besides reading, I work, walk long distances, go to obscure authentic Thai restaurants, do photography, and theorize about philosophies and musings and whatever else in the form of my writings.

Besides books, I love history, medicine, the ideas of rather than the solving of mathematics, learning new things, travel, and much else.

Feel free to contact me - about anything!
You can contact me at: a.labyrinthine.library@gmail.com