Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: Dare to Try Bisexuality by Pierre des Esseintes

Title: Dare to Try Bisexuality
Author: Pierre des Esseintes
Genre: Sexuality
Publisher: Hunter House
Published: 2010
Pages: 144

Rating: 2 out of 10

After receiving another book in this series to write an advance review of, the publishing house sent me an email offering to send me this one as well.
And so, I ended up reading this little book, which accurately advertises itself as being "saucy sex advice from France" on the cover, in one sitting.

I was expecting a more lighthearted, comedic approach to the intriguing topic of bisexuality, but instead I found the author addressing it quite seriously and philosophically. The problem was, much of the supposed factual content in this book was just plain wrong.
And I would know, being openly bisexual myself.

One of the many things that put me off was that the book seemed to look down on homosexuals, often hinting that being bi was better than being gay. He also stated once that bis and gays do not get along, or that groups who try to integrate the two are "phonies." Completely and unforgivably false!
It is possible that the author had misinterpreted signs on his exploration of bisexuality and was picking up on the not uncommon preference of lesbian women who state "I'm not interested in bi girls." What they actually mean is, they aren't interested in girls that kiss a girl at a party and then proudly call themselves "bi" because it sounds hot, which is even more common. I am not so sure if the same applies to gay / bi men.

And speaking of those "fake bisexuals," isn't that the entire point of this book? Telling you to just "try" bisexuality, as if it's a kinky bedroom activity rather than a separate sexual orientation? So, isn't the book written by and aimed at fake bi people? Again, something that didn't set well with me.

Also, ridiculously, the author puts forward the theory that bisexuals are hotter than other people. Where he got this opinion, and why, is beyond me. But that isn't just me picking up on clues or vibes in his writing - he actually says that, in no uncertain terms, "...not only are they better looking, they also tend to be cleaner, and thinner." Oh, is that so?
Who would write this nonsense?!

There was more. Esseintes also seems to think that bisexuality involves a ton of group sex, swapping of partners, and orgies. A ton. Much of the book was centered around it.

This is what I think of the author. I think that he realized one day that he'd love to see his girlfriend feeling up another girl. So, hey, sure he would "try" bisexuality! Everyone should! And that was his research and insight on the subject.