Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sound familiar?

Guess what this description refers to...

There is a simple farm boy who lives with his uncle, because his father was supposedly killed, and his mother is dead. He has a normal, happy life until he finds a mysterious object. A princess in trouble leaves something behind for him to discover. Confused, he consults an old, wise man who is his friend. He comes back to his farm to find that it has been set on fire, and his uncle is now dead. He leaves with an old man who is his friend, and discovers that the old man has hidden, amazing abilities. The old man gives him a very special weapon and trains him how to use it. They go on an adventurous journey and the boy learns to fly and fight. He finds the princess who had left him a message, and befriends her.
He meets another young man whom he really dislikes at first, but gradually they become friends. The mysterious old man who taught him how to be a warrior is tragically killed. He must defeat the evil villain - who turns out to actually be his father of someone in the group.

No, it isn't Star Wars, it's Eragon!